About This Blog

Over many years of this web developing gig I have learnt a lot and written countless lines of code, some of them good some of them not so good. These days hopefully the good ones out weigh the bad ones. Some  times I’m doing something which is remarkably similar to something I’ve done in the past, which has resulted in my trawling through said many lines of code to find it. Ok, not line by line, but still.

This blog is somewhere for me to keep those little gems that  have helped me in the past and will probably help me in the future. If some one else ends up getting some use out them all the better. Some of these gens may have originated some where else out there in the great wide web, if I have, or can remember, the original source I will reference it where possible.

Any code samples are provided “as is” and while the all should work I make no guarantees.

What this isn’t is a question and answer site or a place to fix broken code for that go to StackOverflow